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Water Gardens and Water Garden Ponds


Water gardens and water garden ponds - discovered by many to be a fulfilling, relaxing, and creative hobby.

Water Garden Pond in New Hampton, NYWater garden pond owners are pleased by the tranquil, peaceful feeling the sound of water trickling or gently splashing from their water garden pond brings to them. Yes, the beauty of water garden ponds can bring calmness from the stresses of life.

In myth and legend, water gardens are frequently symbols of deep, hidden emotions, usually with a mystery inside that needs to eventually come to the surface - be it that mystery is a frog prince or a dragonís treasure!

Yes, we are undeniably drawn to ponds and other bodies of water, not just because we need water in order to survive, but because of the tranquility such ponds can bring - the tranquility which we also need in order to thrive and not just survive.




Reasons For A Water Garden Pond

There may be many reasons you want a water garden pond in your backyard:

Relaxation - No other experience like bringing nature to your yard.

A different type of gardening - There are many plants that are unique to the world of water gardening.





Wildlife - Many forms of wildlife - deer, raccoons, snakes - may be attracted to your water gardens.

Property value - Generally increases. Well maintained water gardens are definitely a plus if you're selling your home.

All the neighbors have one - This is not the best reason to have a water garden - remember, they do require the four letter word "w-o-r-k". However, it is a reason nonetheless.





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